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Southern California's Choice for Alumawood Patio Covers... Relax in Comfort

ALUMAWOOD covers won't crack, peel, warp, or rot. They are also termite-proof and will never need painting, truly a maintenance free product for you to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting the PATIO GUY website, we specialize in AMERIMAX ALUMAWOOD™ products. Don't be fooled by imitators, make sure you ask for the original top quality ALUMAWOOD™ patio cover with an embossed surface.  You'll enjoy the beauty and architecture of a richly textured wood grain finish with a fraction of the maintenance and upkeep.


We fully understand that every homeowner has a unique style. Whether you're attaching a shaded area to your home / building, or looking for a freestanding private retreat area to relax in, ALUMAWOOD patio covers offer a variety of distinct product lines which allow you to combine the luxuries of both style and comfort that are suitable for you at a price affordable for any budget!

No matter what design, style or option you choose whether it be lattice, solid, freestanding, combination or adjustable....Alumawood Contractor is the right contractor for the job! We are able to respond same day with a quote to get you started on the budgeting process for your shade cover.

One of the best ways to cool your home in those hot summer months is to install an Aluminum cover. Another great advantage of these types of  covers is that they will also create a dry shaded livable outdoor space year round. Aluminum Patio Covers will also protect your outdoor furniture form the elements increasing the lifetime of your outdoor lounge table etc.. Give your house that outdoor space that so many people enjoy year-round in beautiful Southern California. Call today for special pricing and discounts!!!


Monthly Specials
Monthly specials, Senior discounts and Military discounts are available, be sure to ask when speaking with one of our representatives.

Military Discounts
Senior discounts and Military discounts are available, be sure to ask when speaking with one of our representatives.


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