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“ Before my house had no shade. Since Patio Guy installed our new Solid Patio, I've been able to enjoy our beautiful backyard in the cool relaxing shade.”

-Joyce Bell [Temecula, CA]

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Our Patio Design Features

→ 7 Different colors to choose from to fit any style

Curved Ends

Double Beam Construction

Double Rafter Construction

Different Lattice Sizes

Custom Lighting Spaces

Custom Roman Columns

Different Elevations


Patio Guy - Alumawood Contractor has developed a reputation for designing and installing the best lattice, solid, free standing, and combination patio's Southern California has to offer. We have 7 different colors available and a variety of end cuts to fit your liking.

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Alumawood Patio Covers Temecula

Alumawood Patio Covers Temecula Temecula gets hot during those dry Southern California summers.  Why not enjoy the outdoors and the shade with some alumawood patio covers in Temecula?  Patio Guy carries only the ‘best in the bizz’ with our extensive Alumawood Amerimax product line.  You can have that patio you’ve always dreamed of.  Alumawood’s coated wood grain finish will protect your new investment from the damaging rays of the sun.  Your patio won’t crack peel or rot, ever!  All you’ll have to do is spray it with a garden hose every once in a while and she’ll look like new. 

There are 6 wonderful colors for you to choose from so your new addition will blend right in.  Patio Guy has carried a class B contractor’s license for over 20 years and brings expertise and experience to a job that will be hard to find somewhere else.  Most Alumawood patio covers in Temecula are installed and ready to go in less than a day!  You will even receive your quote back same day to help make sure that no time is wasted in the development of your project.  Patio Guy offers our clients the best products and best prices available on those brands.  Patio guy has a reputation for designing and installing the best lattice, free standing and solid aluminum patio covers in Temecula and the surrounding Southern California area.  Alumawood combines luxury and style with good prices to make any dream a reality.  Your patio will look great and be within our predetermined budget our contractor’s license allows us to side step sub-contractors so who you talk to is the guy doing the work.  We believe in communication and working together. 

All alumawood products that we carry are termite proof so you’ll never spend a dime on repairing termite damage.  The sun is great but can be harmful and damaging when we get too much exposure.  Patio Guy can turn that un-used outdoor space into a beautiful refuge full of shade and relaxation.  All it takes is your idea, our design and hard work.  Your Alumawood patio covers in Temecula will be the best looking around.   Your neighbors will want one and passersby will stop to admire yours.  You won’t regret your decision to get those Alumawood patio covers in Temecula the first time you’re sitting under it sipping on lemonade out of the hot sun.  Patio Guy has superb quality work and unbeatable prices.  Let’s get your project started today Alumawood Patio Covers Temecula
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