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“ Before my house had no shade. Since Patio Guy installed our new Solid Patio, I've been able to enjoy our beautiful backyard in the cool relaxing shade.”

-Joyce Bell [Temecula, CA]

We're here to help home owners by helping you get enjoy your backyard. Call us at 951-333-0056 for our free in home estimate. Let us earn your business.

Our Patio Design Features

→ 7 Different colors to choose from to fit any style

Curved Ends

Double Beam Construction

Double Rafter Construction

Different Lattice Sizes

Custom Lighting Spaces

Custom Roman Columns

Different Elevations


Patio Guy - Alumawood Contractor has developed a reputation for designing and installing the best lattice, solid, free standing, and combination patio's Southern California has to offer. We have 7 different colors available and a variety of end cuts to fit your liking.

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Commercial Roofing Possum Kingdom Tx

Commercial Roofing Possum Kingdom Tx

At Bronco Roofing & Construction, we specialize in providing professional commercial roofing in Possum Kingdom TX and surrounding communities. We are experts in roofing installations, repairs, upgrade, re-roofing, and many more. Our professional team can work with all types of roofs, including metal, PVC, built-up roofing, and many more. No matter your roofing needs, we’ve got you covered.

How Can I Be Sure That My Business Needs A New Roof?

There are signs you will see and know quickly that your business needs a new roof. Generally, if your roof has stayed for years, chances are high that it will need to be changed. Also, when you start seeing such problems as roof leaks, mold growth, ugly water stains, and cracked, curled or missing shingles, your roof may be severely damaged. Changing the roof of your commercial property at that point will be necessary.

However, before deciding to embark on the project, it will be necessary to invite the experts over for free roof assessment. It is only after a thorough roof survey that contractors can conclude whether your business needs a new roof or roof repairs.

Can I Install A New Roof On Top Of An Old One? 

There are instances where new roofs are installed on top of old ones. This is only advisable when the old roof is still in a pretty good condition. This can help you to save money in most cases but it is not often advisable.

Installing a new roof on top of an old one can compromise the integrity of the new roof, especially when moisture has seeped into the old roof system. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to tear off the old roof completely before installing new one, even though it will mean spending more money. Also, when your facility already has two roofs, you cannot put another one on top.

When Is The Best Time To Schedule A Roof Survey?

Typically, roof surveys should be scheduled when there are chances that the roof can be damaged by the incoming weather season or after a severe weather season or event. It is generally advised that this should be done as early as possible to either get the roof ready for inclement weather or to notice an issue and correct it before it escalates. It is also important to contact contractors early before they become too busy in the roofing season.

How Long Does It Take To Install A New Roof?

There are different variables that determine how long it will take to install new commercial roof including the size of the roof, the roof type, and whether the old roof has to be removed. Each unique job can take few days to few weeks to be completed.

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Do you need professional commercial roofing in Possum Kingdom TX? Contact us today at Bronco Roofing & Construction. We offer quality workmanship, affordable and reliable services. Our roofing projects are carried out using quality and durable products. Your new roof is guaranteed to serve you for many years.

Commercial Roofing Possum Kingdom Tx
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