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  • DIY alumawood patio covers
  • DIY alumawood patio covers
  • DIY alumawood patio covers
  • DIY alumawood patio cover

Satisfied Customers

“ Before my house had no shade. Since Patio Guy installed our new Solid Patio, I've been able to enjoy our beautiful backyard in the cool relaxing shade.”

- Joyce Bell [Temecula, CA]

We're here to help home owners by helping you get enjoy your backyard. Call us at 951-333-0056 for our free in home estimate. Let us earn your business.

Our Patio Design Features

→ 7 Different colors to choose from to fit any style

Curved Ends

Double Beam Construction

Double Rafter Construction

Different Lattice Sizes

Custom Lighting Spaces

Custom Roman Columns 

Different Elevations


Patio Guy - Alumawood Contractor has developed a reputation for designing and installing the best lattice, solid, free standing, and combination patio's Southern California has to offer. We have 7 different colors available and a variety of end cuts to fit your liking.

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FAQ's Of Patio Covers

Where do I Begin?
- Answer: First step is to visit our Patio Covers page and determine your type of Patio.
Do you offer a brochure?
- Answer: No, our Web Site is our brochure. Our Web Site is constantly evolving. If you need a hard copy of some information on our Web Site you can print it off using high quality photo paper.
Are there pictures of the different products available?
- Answer: Yes, each product comes in 7 different colors and 4 different end cuts.
• How will I know what to purchase?
- Answer: Our Site and our Staff is here to assist you, please read through our Site and call with any questions. PATIO GUY specializes in the construction of ALUMAWOOD™ patio covers and has over twenty years of experience in all aspects of the construction field. We carry a Class B Generals license so we don't need to sub out any phase of your project. This allows us to eliminate the middle man which enables us to provide the best possible price for our customers saving you not only time but also money.

The Do-It-Yourself Kits (DIY Patios)

• What is a Do-It-Yourself Kit?
- Answer: a DIY Patio is a Do-it-Yourself project that has been pre-engineered and cut for your specific design needs.
• I have no construction background, can I install the DIY Patio myself?
- Answer: Of Course! Common sense and the ability to read and follow written instructions are all that is required. Our DIY Patios are a two person project, the second person is needed to help hold materials in place during install.
• Do instructrions come with the kit?
- Answer: Yes. A Set of installation instructions are included.
• Will I have technical support?
- Answer: Yes. If after reading the installation instructions you have any questions please feel free to call or email. We are here to help you install your DIY Patio Cover correctly.
• What sizes are available?
- Answer: Projection can range from 5' up to 20' and the length can be from 6' to as long as you want to make it. Custom applications are available upon request.
• How do I measure the area I want a Patio Cover?
- Answer: Measure the area you want covered in terms on projection and length. For attached covers the projection is the distance out from attachment point (wall, ledger board, fascia, etc.) and the length is the distance the cover will run along the house. Freestanding covers use the same terms, however projection is the distance the roofing material run (i.e. roof pans or rafters) across the beams and the length is the distance of the beam line.

Engineering / Permits

• Does the product come with Engineering?
- Answer: Yes. We offer ICC 2006 and IAPMO Engineering.
Note: ICBO Engineering is no longer stamped for this product.
• Do I need a permit?
- Answer: Yes, all engineering and permit process will be handled by PATIO GUY.
• How do I find out what my local Wind, Live Load and Snow Load is?
- Answer: Contact your local Building Department.
• How do I find out what I need from my Building Department?
- Answer: Give us a call at 951-333-0056 to find out if a permit is needed in your area.
• How much do permits cost?
- Answer: That will be up to each building department.
• What will happen if I get a bad storm?
- Answer: If properly designed via product engineering for your local requirements the cover will withstand the storms Rain/Snow and Wind no problem

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